Muttermilch gegen trockene Haut im Winter

Breast milk for dry skin in winter

When it comes to the delicate skin of our newborns, parents are always looking for the best care. Gentle and effective skin care is of the utmost importance, especially in the winter months, when the skin is particularly stressed by the cold air outside and the dry heated air inside. A traditional insider tip that is currently gaining attention again is breast milk. In this post, we want to take a closer look at why breast milk is an excellent skin care option for babies, especially during winter dryness.

The special features of baby skin:

myephelia lalema dry skin baby

A baby's skin differs from adult skin in several aspects, which entails special care requirements.

  1. Sensitivity : Baby skin is thin and sensitive, therefore prone to irritation.
  2. Moisture requirements : Tends to lose moisture more quickly, regular care necessary.
  3. Temperature regulation : Low ability to thermoregulate, difficulty adapting to temperatures.

Understanding these characteristics is crucial to ensuring optimal care for little ones' delicate skin.

Why breast milk?

myephelia lalema Breastfeeding breast milk

Not only is breast milk the perfect nourishment for infants, but there are also amazing benefits when it is applied to the skin. Breast milk contains antibodies, proteins and many other important nutrients that not only strengthen the immune system but are also proven to nourish and protect the skin.

Breast milk for dry skin in winter:

myephelia lalema Breast milk for dry skin

The winter months can be particularly challenging for baby's sensitive skin, as the cold air outside and the dry heated air inside tend to dry out the skin. Breast milk acts as a booster, hydrating the skin while creating a protective barrier. Not only does it have moisturizing properties, but it can also help with various skin problems. Diaper rash, cradle cap, and even mild skin irritation can be relieved by using breast milk.

The natural helper:

The antibodies contained in breast milk support the skin's natural healing process. This can help reduce irritation and regenerate the skin more quickly, which is particularly beneficial for dry skin in winter.

Breast milk is more than just food for babies - it is a natural skin care miracle weapon. Especially in winter, when the skin is stressed by cold and dry air, breast milk can offer an effective and gentle solution for caring for baby's delicate skin. Parents should consider this traditional method to promote the natural beauty and health of their little ones' skin.

Why can breast milk be a better alternative to drugstore products?

myephelia lalema Breastfeeding breast milk

The list of care products on offer is long. The selection of wound creams and shampoos is large and the shelves are full. However, they all have one thing in common: they are not very natural! Breast milk, on the other hand, is completely natural and individually adapted to the needs of your baby. The composition is so complex that breast milk cannot be produced artificially. The antibacterial effect, the fat content, the minerals and trace elements make breast milk the perfect all-rounder. Breast milk is therefore ideal as a natural care and wound remedy.

LaLeMa as an innovative care product made from breast milk

Breast milk impresses with its nourishing and healing effects, but handling it is a bit complicated. LaLeMa founder Eve is a mother and, as a care expert, immediately recognized that the application had potential for optimization. Together with experts from research, development and dermatology, she has found a solution on how to improve the consistency and shelf life of breast milk without losing the naturalness of breast milk. The result is LaLeMa, the innovative care lotion made from your breast milk - without perfume, microplastics and silicones.

What is LaLeMa?

myephelia lalema care from mother's milk

LaLeMa is a care product made from your own breast milk. The innovative product turns your breast milk into a long-lasting skin care lotion and can support wound healing. To give your breast milk the consistency of a lotion, take the LaLeMa dispenser and fill it with your breast milk. After mixing with the LaLeMa base, a care lotion is created from your breast milk. With the LaLeMa product you can naturally treat your little family's skin irritations and wounds.

For all curious mothers who want to try LaLeMa, there is an extra trial size. You can find these at selected retailers and pharmacies or in the LaLeMa online shop .

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