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4-in-1 Bonding Top | Belly band | Shirt extension | Bandeau top

4-in-1 Bonding Top | Belly band | Shirt extension | Bandeau top

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  • developed by our midwife
  • made of super soft micro modal
  • the must have for the hospital bag
  • Also ideal for a bonding bath


90% Modal (Micro)
10% elastane

Made in the EU

needs in this phase

🤍 Coming to terms with a traumatic birth
🤍 Relief from baby's restlessness
🤍 Emotional stabilization of mother and child.
🤍 Processing the farewell to pregnancy towards a new family reunion
🤍 Relief from baby's adjustment problems
🤍 Strengthening and building emotional closeness between parents, siblings and the baby
🤍 Promotes the child's motor skills and sensory skills
🤍 Promote milk flow
🤍 Support for weak sucking
🤍 Your child sleeps more peacefully


• Machine wash 30℃
• Gentle wash
• Wash with like colors
• Only use mild detergents

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4-in-1 Bonding Top | Belly band | Shirt extension | Bandeau top

The 4-in-1 bonding top is a multifunctional must-have for expectant and new mothers! The bonding top is made of quick-drying micro-modal and offers four practical functions:

  • asBelly bandduring pregnancy
  • as fashionableShirt extension
  • asBonding topfor an intensive connection with your baby
  • asBandeau topto be worn with nursing pads



The myEphelia Bonding Top is not only characterized by its super soft Mirko-Modal and the sophisticated outer seams to protect the delicate baby skin, but it is the ideal “must have” for getting together with your child. It is, among other things, specially designed for an intensive bonding bath/healing bath with your baby.

It is made of soft micro-modal and enables an intensive experience of deep connection with your baby after birth. With its super soft texture, it can also be worn as a shirt extender and belly band before and after birth. Experience an incomparable feeling of connection - even after birth!

Perfect for every pregnancy and every day!


Please note that the bonding top is not suitable for wearing!!

What is bonding actually?

Bonding sets in motion a series of processes that shape you and the child into adulthood. Bonding is English and means connection. This addresses the connection or bond that is being built between you and your child. Naked skin-to-skin contact, as well as body heat, smell and feeling the heartbeat play a major role. The hormone oxytocin is also released, which is also known as the cuddle or happiness hormone. This stimulates, among other things, the production of milk, the flow of milk and the regression of the uterus in the mother. Oxytocin also has an anti-anxiety and bond-building effect for both mother and child.
But there's a lot more going on with bonding. Direct skin contact activates countless sensory stimuli that support the child in many ways - both in their motor skills and in their adjustment after birth. It has been scientifically found that extensive bonding allows children to breastfeed better and that babies, premature babies and children recover and become healthy much faster. This can also lead to better sleep and trauma processing in children and parents. We also recommend the bonding bath, which has a very intensive healing effect.

What is a bonding bath?

The bonding bath is also often referred to as a healing bath. A bonding process in warm water increases the effect of the bonding and recreates the experience of a gentle birth. For example, a traumatic or very stressful birth can be dealt with better - both for the child and for the parents. The child feels transported back to the warm amniotic fluid in the mother's womb. This connection, which was already present in the stomach, was somewhat severed during birth. Now it's time to rebuild this and give both mother and baby emotional stability. The best way to do this is with a bonding bath.
Both the mother and the father may struggle with the events of the birth or the aftermath after the birth, so the bonding bath is suitable for both. The bonding bath is also used if the children were born too early, i.e. for premature babies, if they have adjustment problems or are very restless in everyday life. The bonding bath can provide great support and regulation here.