Find your nursing bra size


Chest circumference:

Measure at the widest part of the chest. Here the tape measure needs to be rather loose, so that there is still enough room for one finger. The measuring tape sits over the chest and at the same height on the back.


Underbust measurement

Place the measuring tape directly under the breast (not over the bra). The tape measure must fit closely to the body.

This measurement also determines part of your bra size.


Determine cup size

Using the two measurements from the first two steps, we determine the cup size using the following formula.


Chest circumference minus underbust circumference = difference / cup size

Step 4

Read the appropriate size from the table

With the sizes collected, you can now easily read your value from the table.

Cross sizes

By the way, you can also use the cross sizes as a guide.

Cross sizes are adjacent sizes that are suitable for the same breast volume and are the next smaller or larger size to your current size. In our table, the cross sizes are marked in color in the slanted rows (e.g. L Cup B = M Cup C = S Cup D).

The underbust circumference varies, but thanks to our 4-hook row and the very stretchy fabric, the cross sizes will also fit you. So if your size is sold out or you are unsure, think about which size you would feel more comfortable with.