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Baby shower premium gift set with 3 teas

Baby shower premium gift set with 3 teas

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  • 1x My favorite tea for birth preparation
  • 1x My favorite tea while breastfeeding
  • 1x My favorite tea for postnatal recovery
  • 1x blue tea strainer
  • Set of 2 silk and wool nursing pads from Elanee
  • Set of 2 organic muslin diapers from Grünspecht


My favorite tea during pregnancy:
Melissa leaves*, lemongrass*, lady's mantle*, spearmint leaves*, lavender flowers*, nettle leaves*, St. John's wort*, marigold flowers*

My favorite tea while breastfeeding:
Fenugreek seeds*, lemon balm leaves*, lemongrass*, marjoram*, anise*, fennel*, coriander*, caraway*, marigold flowers*

My favorite tea for postnatal recovery:
Lady's mantle herb*, lemon balm leaves*, lemongrass*, yarrow herb*, rooibos tea* (South Africa), nettle leaves*, shepherd's purse herb*, marigold flowers*

*from controlled organic cultivation


For the ideal development of our teas, we recommend that you take 1-2 teaspoons per cup (200ml) and let the tea steep at 100˚C for 5-7 minutes.

Then drink sips and enjoy!

Why are myEphelia teas so special?

Our teas are...
✔️ carefully put together according to our co-founder and midwife Meike's own recipe, in collaboration with other midwives
✔️ developed from years of specialist experience in the medical field of obstetrics
✔️ tailored to the individual phases (pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum period) and their individual needs
✔️ aimed at providing support with specific complaints or precautions
✔️ the ingredient list is of higher quality than many comparable teas
✔️ 100% organic and certified organic
✔️ vegan
✔️ free from pesticides
✔️ free from gluten, caffeine, sugar, flavors and additives
✔️ made in Germany
✔️ particularly productive, despite the low number of grams, you get a larger number of cups than with comparable teas, this is due to the larger volume of the ingredients
✔️ filled in aluminum-free, ecologically degradable packaging
✔️ beautiful to look at
✔️ simply delicious!

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Baby shower premium gift set with 3 teas

My favorite teas during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and postnatal in a combination package with a blue tea strainer, silk-wool nursing pads and organic gauze diapers.

Also ideal as a gift for all expectant mothers. 


My favorite tea when preparing for birth

🌿holistic mixture of raspberry leaves, lady's mantle herb, lemon balm leaves and other women's herbs

🤍no more risk of overdose

🤍to prepare for birth

🤍for dam preparation

🤍strengthening effect on the uterine muscles

🤍can have a loosening effect on the tissue


My favorite tea while breastfeeding

🌿 with fenugreek and marjoram

🌿 with fennel, anise, caraway

🤍 Stimulating milk production

🤍 Improve milk flow

🤍 Stimulating the appetite

🤍 Promotes digestion


My favorite tea for postnatal recovery:

🌿 with the power of lady's mantle and shepherd's purse

🤍 Regression and stabilization of the hormonal balance

🤍 Wound healing

🤍 Calming the nerves


Tea time filter in blue

🤍 with lid/drip tray

🤍 micro-fine stainless steel filter mesh

🤍 made in Germany

🤍 BPA free

🤍 dishwasher safe

🤍 long lifespan

🤍 faithful to the aroma

🤍 tasteless


Silk-wool nursing pads from Elanee

🤍 2-ply

🤍 made of bourette silk and merino wool from controlled organic animal husbandry

🤍 to support the regeneration of heavily stressed nipples

🤍 Ø 12 cm


Organic gauze diapers from Grünspecht

🤍 ideal as a burp cloth, cloth diaper or doily

🤍 Material: 100% cotton from certified organic farming

🤍 Size: approx. 70 x 70 cm

🤍 Without optical brighteners

🤍 skin-friendly and breathable

🤍 practical double pack with leaf motifs