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My favorite tea when preparing for birth

My favorite tea when preparing for birth

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  • developed by our midwife
  • more than raspberry leaf tea
  • Holistic blend with lady's mantle, lemon balm and rose
  • from the 37th week of pregnancy


Raspberry leaves* Lady's mantle* Melissa leaves*, lemongrass*, peppermint leaves*, rose petals*, marigold petals*

*from controlled organic cultivation


For the ideal development of our teas, we recommend that you take 1-2 teaspoons per cup (200ml) and let the tea steep at 100*C for 5-7 minutes.

Then drink in peace and relax!

Recommended consumption:
We recommend that you drink 2-3 cups per day from the 37th week of pregnancy (SWE).

Why are myEphelia teas so special?

Our teas are...
✔️ Carefully put together according to our co-founder and midwife Meike's own recipe in collaboration with other midwives
✔️ developed from years of specialist experience in the medical field of obstetrics
✔️ tailored to the individual phases (pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum period) and their individual needs
✔️ aimed at providing support with specific complaints or precautions
✔️ the ingredient list is of higher quality than many comparable teas
✔️ 100% organic and certified organic
✔️ vegan
✔️ free from pesticides
✔️ free from gluten, caffeine, sugar, flavors and additives
✔️ made in Germany
✔️ particularly productive, despite the low number of grams, you get a larger number of cups than with comparable teas, this is due to the larger volume of the ingredients
✔️ filled in aluminum-free, ecologically degradable packaging
✔️ beautiful to look at
✔️ simply delicious!

Needs in this phase:

🤍 Relaxation of the tissue and muscles
🤍 Psychological stability
🤍 Mental relaxation
🤍 Support for bleeding
🤍 Anti-inflammatory effect

Take a look at the explanations of the ingredients below and see for yourself the positive effects that nature can bring!

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My favorite tea when preparing for birth

Yikes, where has the time suddenly gone? You are excited, climbing the stairs becomes more and more difficult and the anticipation increases immeasurably. The birth is coming soon, if you want to prepare yourself and your body for it, our organic birth preparation tea is just the thing for you.

Meike, midwife and co-founder of myEphelia, knows the question of birth-preparatory teas only too well. For a long time, pure raspberry leaves were the tea used for this purpose. However, in recent years, further new insights have been gained, which led us to change the recipe.

Through contact and exchange with other midwives and birth centers, it has been shown that many women have overdosed on pure raspberry leaf tea in the past. Women often drank raspberry leaf tea far too much and far too early. With raspberry leaves, the right dosage is important. The motto “a lot helps a lot” does not apply here, but rather “the dose makes the poison”. It has been observed that excessive consumption of raspberry leaf tea can apparently have a counterproductive effect on childbirth and maternal injuries. Raspberry leaves make the tissue soft - unfortunately too soft if consumed excessively.

We therefore recommend that you only ever drink raspberry leaves as part of a tea mixture. That's why you get oursFavorite tea to prepare for birthonly as a perfectly coordinated herbal mixture of raspberry leaves in combination with lady's mantle herb, lemon balm leaves, rose petals, marigold petals and other wonderful women's herbs.

This combination is a tried-and-tested midwife's recipe of various women's herbs, all of which have a great effect when preparing for birth.

And by the way, this mixture also tastes much better than pure raspberry leaf tea 😉