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My favorite tea for postnatal recovery

My favorite tea for postnatal recovery

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  • developed by our midwife
  • with proven women's herbs
  • can have a balancing effect on the hormonal balance
  • can promote the weekly flow


Lady's mantle herb*, lemon balm leaves*, lemongrass*, yarrow herb*, rooibos tea* (South Africa), nettle leaves*, shepherd's purse herb*, marigold flowers*

*from controlled organic cultivation


For the ideal development of our teas, we recommend that you take 1-2 teaspoons per cup (200ml) and let the tea steep at 100˚C for 5-7 minutes.

Then drink sips and enjoy!

Recommended consumption:
- 2-3 cups per day from delivery
- can be combined with breastfeeding tea
- We recommend drinking this tea up to 2 years after childbirth until the hormonal balance and cycle have regulated again.

Why are myEphelia teas so special?

Our teas are...
✔️ Carefully put together according to our co-founder and midwife Meike's own recipe in collaboration with other midwives
✔️ developed from years of specialist experience in the medical field of obstetrics
✔️ tailored to the individual phases (pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum period) and their individual needs
✔️ aimed at providing support with specific complaints or precautions
✔️ the ingredient list is of higher quality than many comparable teas
✔️ 100% organic and certified organic
✔️ vegan
✔️ free from pesticides
✔️ free from gluten, caffeine, sugar, flavors and additives
✔️ made in Germany
✔️ particularly productive, despite the low number of grams, you get a larger number of cups than with comparable teas, this is due to the larger volume of the ingredients
✔️ filled in aluminum-free, ecologically degradable packaging
✔️ beautiful to look at
✔️ simply delicious!

Needs in this phase:

🤍 Regression of the body
🤍 Regression of the organs
🤍 Regression and stabilization of the hormonal balance
🤍 Regression to emotional stability
🤍 Wound healing
🤍 Strengthening balance
🤍 Calming the nerves
🤍 Relaxation and peace

Take a look at the explanations of the ingredients below and see for yourself the positive effects that nature can bring!

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My favorite tea for postnatal recovery

The first few weeks after birth, what an exciting and intense time for you!

Life is currently being restructured and you are breaking new ground.

It's nice to strengthen and bring your body back into balance after a big change.

Our specially created and selected tea can support you in many ways to find back to yourself and your body.

The tea contains many ingredients that can stabilize and promote women's well-being, lady's mantle herb, yarrow herb and shepherd's purse in particular are said to have such powers.

So that the tea doesn't just taste like herbal power, we have added the mild, delicious note of rooibos and the freshness of lemon balm. This makes drinking the tea during the recovery period a real pleasure!

We recommend that you drink this tea up to 2 years after giving birth so that your body and your hormonal balance can come back into balance.